why are there only three clock faces on the square clock tower of the Parish Kirk?

Atween Twa Kirks

This  guided walk follows a circular route in Aberlour. The walk is between the Parish Church and the ancient ruins of the Auld Kirk o Skirdustan, where the audience will hear stories of Picts, Jacobites, and Water Beasties. 

The ivy clad East gable wall is all that remains of the Medieval Kirk o Skirdustan

This ancient Piscina, found in the nearby Lour Burn is possibly all that remains of St Drostan's original 'muinntir' or early monastery, a rude building of mud and wattle with a heather thatched roof.

Monks, Picts and Fairies

 Hear stories both true, legendary  and whimsical on this guided circular walk from the mouth of the Aberlour Burn via the Linn o Ruthrie, Glenallachie and Hatton  where the native  Picts once held sway  and the Shean, where centuries later, Hatton the fairmer lived with its Fairy inhabitants for a year and a day. 

Linn o Ruthrie now known as the Linn Falls. The cave can seen to the right of the lower cascade.

An arieal view of Aberlour Orphanage before it was demolished between 1969 and the early 1970s the

Aberlour Orphanage Trail and village walk

The only heritage tour on offer which addresses the physical extent of the old orphanage and its remaining structures within the town, how the Orphanage was financed initially by  the millionairess Margaret McPherson Grant and was subsequently developed as one of the  biggest Orphanages in Scotland. 

The little girl statue in the Orphanage Memorial Garden

Orphanage Trail walkers' feedback

Dear Mr. Hinnie, Many thanks for giving us such an interesting and extensive tour of Aberlour. We were intrigued with all the history and stories of the Orphanage and I have much to tell my sister. She was sorry not to be with us. Perhaps she will visit at some later date. I will certainly be recommending your tour. With very best wishes,             Patricia and Martin